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Emerging poet & writer finding her way in her world of words and feelings.


  • Timothy Dunne

    Timothy Dunne

    Nothing at this time. Perhaps I will have more to say later...

  • d. e. fulford, ma, macw

    d. e. fulford, ma, macw

    Instructor, editor, and author of forthcoming poetry chapbook — southern atheist: oh, honey — by Cathexis Northwest Press

  • Ashwin


    Happy Chap| Passionate reader, writer | Good motivator |Crazy thinker| Like to think beyond limits. Great love towards Nature.

  • Tatjana Schmid

    Tatjana Schmid

  • Jay Squires

    Jay Squires

    Poet, short-story writer. Featured in “2017 Best-Short-Stories-of-the-Year.” Connect in my newsletter:

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