Transitions: On Becoming A Writer

Original photography by Li Shen (2018) Sitting down to write (type!) is a good start! And, coffee helps…

The ‘Right’ Time

When is the ‘right’ time?

If I knew I had x amount of days left to live, what would I rather be doing?

Most of the time, that answers my question.


Becoming a creative writer is new to me. I fantasise about taking up yet another degree in Creative Writing, and why not?! But time, away from my children, and money are very real considerations. After years of learning, I should be earning and making financial contributions to support my family instead of doing more reading and writing, says my inner critic. The thought of learning a new craft appeals to me although the idea of starting again is a little more than overwhelming. So, I chose to put classes aside for now.


We are taught in our research classes at University to put words on paper (or, rather, words on the screen), that is, to write, just write every day. Whether you write a paragraph, a line, a page, it is imperative to put words down. This advice is not prescriptive, there are others who disagree with the need to write every day.

Emerging poet & writer finding her way in her world of words and feelings.

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