You… Don’t Listen

You gotta get yourselves out of this situation so dire

By dousing out those fiery fires

Don’t be afraid to change

Why choose more of the same!

When, instead, change can bring fame

But, doing nothing will only leave more pain.

And still, we have no rain.

Don’t listen to the coalminers!

Don’t listen to the corporations!

Don’t listen!

Don’t listen!

Listen to our voices

Traditional owners of our lands

Telling you, stay your choices!

Change the plan!

Listen to your hearts

Put climate change on the charts!

But you…

Don’t listen

You don’t listen.

You tell us…

Don’t listen to the greenies

Don’t listen to the meanies

Tell us…

Don’t listen to the scientists

Don’t listen to the leftists…

But, wait… listen


You gotta save yourselves from this situation so dire

No one can stop those fiery fires

Now, it is too late for climate change

We have chosen more of the same!

Now, it is too late to save our lands from maim

Too late. You don’t listen.

You are in so much… pain.

You don’t listen (whispers)

Don’t listen (echoes)

But you…

Don’t listen to the people!

Don’t listen to the youth!

You don’t listen!

You… don’t listen!

You can’t save yourselves from all these fires!

You say we are all environmental liars!

But look, there is nothing left to change

Everything is burnt and washed out of range

You have only yourselves to blame

Welcome to this wasteland…

Even you cannot claim.

Still, you…

Don’t listen! (whispers)

If only you listened.

Emerging poet & writer finding her way in her world of words and feelings.

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